Nadia Dorofeeva declassified your current height and weight

Member of the group “Time and Glass” Nadia Dorofeeva — a true role model and idol of many girls who admire them for their beauty, slender figure and bright style. Each output of the actress in the light — current event. For example, recently, she, along with bandmate Positive were leading the 12th live show of Dancing with the stars 2019 and conquered the audience with its spectacular images. But there was a time when the singer was worried about his weight. About Nadia told in interview to the program “Glory”, which airs on the YouTube channel “Lux FM”.

Надя Дорофеева рассекретила свой нынешний рост и вес

According to the girl, she was very skinny and had a complex because of this. Also Dorofeeva has declassified its present height and weight.

“169 the growth I have. Now the weight of 50-51 kg. Eeee, I gained! I was very worried that I’m thin. You need to accept yourself for who you are. Before I was just so skinny, it was about seven or eight years ago, in school. This whole time, I was very skinny. And I wanted a little weight gain. I want to be normal. Now I love myself, doing sports, I try to eat well. I have no diet, I don’t have anything I can eat burgers with pureskill, normal food,” – said the artist.

Nadia also confessed that she loves to eat, but because of the tight schedule, the singer is preparing mostly her husband Vladimir Dantes.

“I love to eat. I have Dylan cook… I don’t Have time, honestly. I know how to cook, but these skills of mine have been killed because I had no time. I remember when we started with Vova relationship, I, of course, to show off, had made him, and the soup could do, and something to bake, and salads… currently do not cook,” says the star.

In addition, the singer frankly told about what she had serious problems with the skin at one time — but it was then that she met future husband and he fell in love with her.

“Nine years ago I got sick with the flu. I don’t cut after an illness probiotics. And I have started the process of dysbiosis. But my first symptoms were on my face. I started cool beauticians to treat the person with antibiotics, ointments, — said Dorofeyev.

According to the singer, the deterioration continued, “this period lasted seven months.”

“I remember I cried every day when I look at myself in the mirror. It was a very difficult period. I was on set, we already had the group “Time and glass”. I come to the set, and I just have the whole face covered with acne. It is a gesture,” recalled Nadia.

The doctors could not find the cause of the disease — and then there was the fateful meeting.

“I started to donate blood, hormones, everything. Could not find the cause. Then I remember the day. We sit on the train, where we meet Vladimir Dantes. I still pimples everywhere. Not wearing makeup. And here he is in me falls in love. I think, “Geez, maybe he doesn’t see?”, and he had problems with vision. I still ragging on this subject,” shared the girl.

She added that a colleague in the group “Time and Glass” Alexei Zavgorodny (Positive) is also very supportive of her during that period.

“I said, “Alex is very, very visible”, and when Foundation is applied on top it really is even worse. That is such sloar. They are so much visible, but Alex tells me: “no, you didn’t tell me, I didn’t see anything!”. And Dylan fell in love with me. I remember Dylan said to me, “you and I Have started a relationship, you’ll be fine,” said Dorofeev.

In the end, the diagnosis was set in his native Simferopol — the singer found intestinal dysbiosis.

“I have a month cutting pills and it passed. Dylan still thinks he’s done,” said Nadia.