Nadia Dorofeeva enchanted network piercing eyes

Charming and positive Nadya Dorofeeva knows how to surprise and delight his fans, recently the singer has stirred a hot shot from the dressing room, which posed in the bodice of rhinestones and panties. And recent photos in your Instagram artist downright fascinating poignant and charming look!

Надя Дорофеева зачаровала сеть пронзительным взглядом

Nadia captured in a cafe in loose black sweater. Hair girl laid in beautiful waves on her shoulders and with one hand fastened a delicate barrette, and her face — spectacular makeup, with emphasis on the lips. The singer seriously looks at the camera, affecting the depth of his gaze.

“Look into my eyes, I mean…” — she signed the line from the song Natalia the Saltykov.

Charmed fans immediately began to shower your favorite artist rave reviews.

  • As always incredibly
  • Krasivaia….
  • Beauty. Super ,so there is a bright lipstick
  • Gorgeous! Love)
  • Duzhe Garni
  • Very beautiful
  • In your eyes can be utochniti
  • Beautiful as always
  • You can drown in your eyes
  • Fascinated!)
  • What a beauty
  • As always gorgeous
  • Wow, such bright eyes
  • What is hypnosis? I’m 5 minutes sitting could not tear myself away from your eyes