Nadia Dorofeeva explained why she did not have a romantic relationship with a Positive

The soloist of group “Time and Glass”, explained why she did not have a romantic relationship with a Positive, after all, originally between them was sympathy.

Надя Дорофеева объяснила, почему у нее не сложились романтические отношения с Позитивом

Nadia Dorofeeva admitted why they have a Positive and has not developed a romantic relationship. According to the singer, at the first meeting they liked each other, but between the creative couple had a lot of offense.

“First, when we started the project we thought only about career. Second, each of us was in a relationship, and thirdly, we absolutely different in a Positive way. Now, of course, we have learned to put up with all of the pieces to each other, but then… it took Us four years to come to terms with our individuality, to love each other as partners,” — said Dorofeyev in the show “Glory” on the YouTube channel Lux FM.

As noted by singer, quarrels between her and the Positives were many and they were not only from work, but because it was outside of it.

“This bus is a dream that has been violated regularly, because Alex loved until the morning hanging in the bus, and I wanted to sleep… I was very mad at him for that, so what sort of relationship. Grievances were alone,” — said Nadia.