Nadia Dorofeeva openly talked about personal


Puica admitted, in what points she wanted to quit

Надя Дорофеева откровенно рассказала о личном

Nadia Dorofeeva is not only a singer but also a successful video blogger. The release of her movies fans look forward to, so each issue is watching with great interest. New vlog on his YouTube channel Nadia decided, together with popular blogger Sasha Fine to devote to the questions from fans.

The singer and her guest played the game “was””not was”. They raised the appropriate sign in response to a question from subscribers and made many candid confessions.

Video: YouTube channel/VLOG DoDo

Nadia said that she had a kiss on the first date. One star refused the kiss on camera. It happened at the beginning of her career in the group “Time and Glass”, but the details of the singer decided not to go.

At school she met a guy when she liked another. “I had a boyfriend from ninth grade, and I was in 8th. But I liked the other, his classmate, he was bigger than my boyfriend, and I thought so to get to that cooler” — confused, but laughingly told the singer.

The actress also admitted that sometimes she has a desire to quit, but the love for their profession helps to cope with the surging of momentary impulse.

“It was in the moments when you are very tired and begin to ache from fatigue, you feel like you work a lot. But I really love my job, and then realize: it’s just tiredness, you just need to sleep,” explained the star.

The actress just loves men’s clothing – she feels incredibly comfortable.

“I love masculine things. Pant suits, jackets, jeans, hoodies shirts”, — enthusiastically said Nadia.

Fans are not paid attention to the relationship with the singer Russian singer Yegor Creed and rumors about their kiss. Nadia said: “With Creed, I have a thing, and owned – a vlog, a piece of which we took when we met in Los Angeles. But no kiss happened.”

The singer added that sometimes refuses to fans in the together photo but this happens only in those cases where the fans behave too Intrusive and rude. For example, catching up on the street, suddenly could pad the shoulders or Wake in an airplane and require a photo.

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