Nadia Dorofeeva posed with their favorite artists

Member of the group “Time and Glass” Nadia Dorofeeva is now fully occupied by the preparation in the Kiev concert band — tomorrow it Positive and show the fans what real VISLOVO. So almost all the time the singer spent in rehearsals — so she recently showed photos without makeup, made right in the car. A new picture to Instagram of the singer was made at the sports Palace, where the last preparations for the show.

Надя Дорофеева позировала со своими любимыми артистами

The picture shows Nadia amongst the working structures surrounded by his favorite artists — her husband Vladimir Dantes and Potap. Dorofeeva dressed in black with white leggings and black hoodie. The singer put his hands on the shoulders of a spouse, and head thrown back on the shoulder of the Captain, with funny folded his lips in a kiss.

“My favorite artists,” signed the girl.

Photo immediately comment on the wife Potap Nastya Kamenskih, noting that the right artist is very personal. He Potap is also not left behind.

“The one on the right is very cute,” wrote Anastasia.

“Very beautiful picture,” said rapper and producer.

Users of the network very much like the trio and they left a lot Milenij reviews.

  • Lifted the mood in the morning seals
  • Want to Vislova
  • Potap — youth and slimness
  • Siiiii
  • You incredible and unforgettable VISLOVO
  • Beauty and handsome
  • Oh, I even Lesha right not learned
  • Such katieeeee. Already the mood has risen
  • Where is Alex remember?
  • Vova looks very nice
  • It’s fire