Nadia Dorofeeva said about fashion failures

Singer of the popular Ukrainian group Time and Glass Nadya Dorofeeva has a wonderful sense of style. She is always open to experiment, not afraid to try something new. No wonder the actress is the face of cosmetic brand, the owner of a clothing store and just a role model for Ukrainian girls.

Надя Дорофеева рассказала о модных провалах

But she’s no stranger to fashion fails — this is Nadya Dorofeeva said in an interview Today.Lifestyle. The singer says that in adolescence looked very strange, and very glad that turned this period:

Perhaps all of my major fashion fail occurred at the age of 13-15. During this period I was experimenting on himself, and the failure was colouring in different colors, which is very much ruined them. There are a bunch of funny pics that time! I always dressed outside the box: one day could be a rapper, a punk rocker. But still I am grateful for these experiments, because naturalias in childhood and now I’m not splashing it tasteless variety.