Nadia Dorofeeva said, why not live in the apartment

Recently, the singer of the popular Ukrainian group Time and Glass Nadya Dorofeeva and her husband Vladimir Dantes moved to a country house. So far they have not carried out a rum tour for the fans, but the actress already showed how their new home looks from the outside.

Надя Дорофеева рассказала, почему живет не в квартире

And in a recent interview with Slava Demin in the show “Glory” Nadia Dorofeeva said that before, not even imagine could that be to live in a private house:

Another year and a half ago, I even could not think that I will want to live in the apartment. First, I love Kiev, I love the city, I love to be connected and in operation. For me it is important to react quickly, to leave the way to make money.

Such radical changes inspired by her colleagues — Ukrainian multiartist MONATIK.

Somewhere half a year ago, we celebrated the New year with Monetique. When we arrived to the kids, we fell in love with the house. He’s very sweet, white, beautiful. We realized that the time has come when you want peace and relaxation in the city it’s impossible

told Nadya Dorofeeva.

As well as an interview with Nadia gave in to his new home, fans can look at her kitchen and living room:

See the full release of “Glory” with Nadia Dorofeeva: video