Nadia Dorofeeva shared a tender photo with her husband

The last time the star couple was pleased the network sharing photos even during the summer vacation. And this is the first reason for the hype around fresh snapshot, reports the with reference on Lux FM.

Надя Дорофеева поделилась нежным фото с супругом

The other is that the passion, love and great emotion between Dorofeeva and Dantes visible to the naked eye. It seems that every time they fall in love with each other, and are not afraid to share their happiness with the world.

In the frame Vova grabbed Nadia on hands and both laugh heartily. And in the caption to the photo, the singer intrigued fans by saying that her beloved has prepared some cool new project and she’s proud of him.

Look at this tenderness, this is the concentration of the sweetest feelings in the world!