Nadia Dorofeeva told how was flirting with her Positive

Members of the popular group “Time and Glass” Nadia Dorofeeva and Alexey zavgorodnego, who for nine years on stage and a lot of time together, long-married fans.

Надя Дорофеева рассказала, как с ней заигрывал Позитив

And although Nadia, Positive and happy in marriage with their halves, they periodically credited with a romantic relationship, reports the with reference on the Facts.

Dorofeeva admitted that from the first meeting with Alexey they liked each other. The singer even tried to flirt with the acting partner.

“I remember at dinner we sat across from each other, I was in the yellow square glasses, and Alex tells me, “Well take off those sunglasses! You have such beautiful eyes!“ In short, he began to romance me,” — said the singer in an interview with VIVA!

Now the schedule of artists planned for the holidays six months in advance. Nadia and Alex especially appreciate the time spent with family. Soloists of “Time and Glass” admitted that to maintain this pace very difficult, especially before the big recital.

“The hardest thing when you’re sick on tour. Now, for example, I have a fever and a sore throat wildly and the whole day I had not slept. Even flights. At four in the morning we’re leaving on tour, and most likely tomorrow I will play with the temperature. This, of course, difficult. It is difficult that you can’t take weekends when they are very necessary, because, for example, your grandmother’s birthday. And special thanks to our rough roads,” complained Nadia.

“In any case, for us the stage and meeting with fans — medication and drug. In these moments you really forget about all the difficulties,” added Alex.