Nadia Dorofeeva without makeup was amused by the “sleepy” pics from my vacation


Member of the group “Time and Glass” Nadia Dorofeeva this time shared an original photo with your beloved spouse. On his page in Instagram the actress posted a “sleepy” photos from vacation.

Надя Дорофеева без макияжа позабавила «сонным» фото из отпуска

The picture shows really a little disheveled and sleepy Nadia without a drop of makeup on her face. If you look in the background behind her you can see part of the face, hair and hand of Vladimir Dantes. Apparently, it was shot on a yacht, where a couple friends and I spent the holidays sailing along Italian coast.

But now the singer has already returned to work and complained that she feels like vacation was a long time ago.

“Find @vladimirdantes ))) And here’s a sleepy photo from vacation ) it Seems like a long time,” — said Dorofeyev.

Members Hope to admire its natural beauty and please put more photos with her beloved husband, because they are so cute together.

  • Even though you’re sleepy, but still so beautiful!! How so?
  • Often pictures with Vova
  • Let’s have another vacation for us, and every day of fotochki Vova
  • Where Volodya did not hide, the hair still visible…
  • And still a Cutie)()
  • Without makeup you look like a goddess
  • Beautiful
  • Cool the most beautiful
  • Beautiful and without make-up
  • The most beautiful, not maguuma
  • Found the film for you
  • The most beautiful, even when sleepy