Naftogaz has started to raise gas prices for population

Нафтогаз начал повышать цены на газ для населения

Gas was cheaper six months

The cost of gas declined since the beginning of the year, but in July Naftogaz raises rates more than 7 percent.

Naftogaz for the first time since the beginning of the year increased the cost of gas for the population.

As reported on the website of the company on Wednesday, July 22, in July the price of gas virasena of 7.2% (to 155,25 hryvnia per thousand cubic meters) will sostavit 2 297,53 UAH per thousand cubic meters (without VAT, margins of gatsbies and delivery).

It is noted that since the beginning of the year the price of gas fell by 54%, while in annual terms by 62%.

The increase in cost is due to the fact that prices on the main European hubs in the last decade of June and in early July began to rise, reaching a maximum from mid-may.

The limiting factors for the Ukrainian prices are significant gas reserves in national repositories and record the gap between consumption and supply. In particular, as of July in UGS of Ukraine has accumulated more than 21 billion cubic meters of gas, which is 42% higher than last year.

“World gas prices traditionally fall in the period of low demand and growing in anticipation of the heating season. And, despite the coronavirus, the economic crisis and reduction of demand in 2020 is no exception to this seasonal rule. However, the price is still a record low compared to previous periods and already today we can assume that in the second half, in the midst of the heating season, the cost of gas would still be lower than in 2019. According to preliminary calculations, 20, or even 30%,” says Naftogaz.

We will note, before it became known that since August, Naftogaz raised the prices of gas for industry is less than one percent.