“Naftogaz” is preparing against Russian partner multibillion-dollar lawsuit

The company “Naftogaz Ukraine” has made several claims to the Russian Corporation “Gazprom” in the European antitrust authorities, as well as in international arbitration. The total amount of claims is more than seventeen billion dollars.

«Нафтогаз» готовит против российского партнера многомиллиардный иск в суд

About this on his official page in Facebook wrote the Executive Director of the NAC “Naftogaz of Ukraine” Yuriy Vitrenko.

“Tomorrow, the Supervisory Board of “Naftogaz” should consider the achievements of our team about how the company will be able to significantly increase revenues from gas transit; to reduce the price of imported gas for Ukraine to a level lower than in Europe, which will increase the competitiveness of industrial consumers of natural gas, will reduce spending to pay for gas, which, respectively, will have a positive effect on the development of the economy; to obtain compensation for losses from operations with debt of RosUkrEnergo which Naftogaz has suffered; to adopt the cheap funding under the so-called securitization of gas transit; to provide services on transportation of hydrogen, in particular, in Europe, wrote Yuri Vitrenko.

According to the Executive Director of “Naftogaz”, for this you may need to force “Gazprom” to take some decisions, which goes counter to the official policy of the Kremlin. As example, to enable gas buyers to obtain it on the border of Russia and Ukraine.

Also “Gazprom” may need to unlock the transit of gas from Central Asia. Another measure of impact is the proposal of the independent producers of gas in Russia the so-called “swaps” to export their gas through Gazprom.

Vitrenko said that all these objectives are quite realistic, especially given the new opportunities offered by the transit contract, signed by the Director of Naftogaz and Gazprom head Miller in December 2019.