Naftogaz said the threat for the heating season

Нафтогаз заявил об угрозе для отопительного сезона

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Naftogaz owes 109 enterprises

Most regional companies-teplovik not paid Naftogaz, than jeopardize the beginning of the heating season.

In Ukraine 109 enterprises-heaters owed Naftogaz and threatened the beginning of the heating season. These enterprises do not comply with the requirements of the legislation on the minimum level of payments for gas in the framework of PSO. On Monday, July 13, the press service of Naftogaz of Ukraine.

“Improper payments for gas from such companies pose a threat to the supply of heat to consumers during the heating season, which is absolutely unacceptable. Information contains, in particular, data concerning the debt levels of each company and the minimum amount the payment of which the producer of heat will allow him to get gas on the terms of PSO”, — stated in the message.

In Naftogaz also provided a list of companies that have outstanding contracts on debt restructuring.

The list includes 109 of the debtors in the total number of teploproizvoditelnosti in Ukraine (at the time of completion of last heating season) in 1316 businesses.

Earlier it was reported that Naftogaz will be “supplier of last resort” for the population.

Recall, the Cabinet has minitrampolines autonomically obligations to supply gas to the population entrusted to the state company Naftogaz of Ukraine. Specialista extended until August 1, and thus for one month pending the transition to market gas prices for the population.