Named 5 reasons why the gym does not help to lose weight


The experts identified five reasons why the gym does not help to lose weight. Group fitness classes or personal training does not always lead to the desired result, since it is necessary to take into account the amount of spent calories.

Названы 5 причин, почему тренажерный зал не помогает похудеть

Many are engaged in physical activity, preferring morning or evening Jogging, others go to the gym. However, the load in the fight against overweight is not always effective. The main condition weight loss is a significant shortage of calories. Full workout at the gym requires 300-350 kcal. Should eat appropriate food, not to get the opposite effect. It is necessary to maintain a high pace of classes, not passing them and not relaxing, experts say. Important system, only in this case will be notable progress. It is necessary to refuse from sweet and fat. Along with this, you need to understand that a significant caloric deficit triggers the production of the stress hormone cortisol.

In this state, the body almost does not give a fat deposits, as it has a safety mechanism protecting the person from “starving to death”. You should not overwork in the gym due to possible injury and the wrong equipment, doing the exercises. Heavy loads can cause swelling of the muscles, and possible microtrauma.

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