Named 8 year old habits leading to health problems


Experts from the UK called 8 year old habits that can cause health problems. For example, excessive eating of fruit is associated with damage to tooth enamel. Article relevant content published in The Sun.

Названы 8 летних привычек, приводящих к проблемам со здоровьем

Ultraviolet rays can irritate the skin, causing the potential for many complaints, especially for people with dermatological problems. It is therefore desirable to abandon prebyvanie in the sun from 11 am to 3 PM. Many sunglasses can not cope with their tasks. The point is that behind the tinted lens, the pupil of the eye opens wider, letting more ultraviolet light. In connection with the accessory, you should choose the highest quality.

Studies show that 22% of people don’t exercise when it’s too hot, preferring physical exercise other pursuits. The best solution is to train with friends in the Park in the shade. And fruits, and carbonated drinks are harmful to teeth, it is not surprising that dentists after the summer recorded more patients. To reduce this tendency to a minimum, it is better to choose foods with low acidity and minimal sugar.

In the summer many people prefer to gather with friends for picnics. This leads to increased consumption of products such as sausages and hamburgers, accompanied by alcoholic or carbonated beverages, which is associated with weight gain.

As for the opinion of psychologists, the summer brings more opportunities for useless comparisons, which can undermine self-esteem. Both women and men are constantly trying to compare yourself with others. In this list of habits — drinking excessive amounts of alcohol that disrupts kidneys.

Recent studies have shown that summer shoes leads to damage to the feet. In particular, flip-flops contribute to the formation of dead skin or calluses on the fingertips, and over time, it is fraught with deformation. It is believed that slates cause 200,000 falls and accidents every summer.

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