Named a products that can trigger inflammation in the body

Refined carbohydrates, products of deep processing, alcohol, sweetened drinks and meals, preparing deep-fried can trigger inflammatory responses in the body. Material foreign experts portal has published

Названы продукты, способные запускать воспаление в организме

The use or rather the abuse of certain foods is one of the main causes arising in the body inflammation. This inflammation is an immune reaction in response to substances that it perceives as toxins.
Most dangerous in this respect, products doctors believe the sources of refined carbs – especially sweets industrial production and products made with white flour. Their intake is associated with a sharp increase in the level of blood glucose and development of insulin resistance that may provoke a chronic inflammatory response. Chronic inflammation is the cell damage and the formation of scar tissue in the internal organs and blood vessels. The consequences of this process can be cardiovascular diseases, tumors. In addition, inflammation affects the production of hormones, contributes to obesity and diabetes.
“Instead of buying white bread and cheap pasta, cereals, purchase whole wheat and barley”, — give advice to the nutritionists.

Inflammation can lead processed foods: experts distinguish among these various products, sausage, smoked. Another provocateur of inflammation — alcohol.
“Alcohol abuse can cause changes in the lining of the intestine, which allows bacteria to enter the bloodstream and start the inflammatory response”, — the expert explained.

Also in the list of foods that can cause inflammation in the body, they brought food, preparing deep-fried and soft drinks, sugar and preservative sodium benzoate.