Named a recipe for a Breakfast that enhance the potency

Autumn Breakfast contains phosphorus and amino acids, which affect the male power.

Every man thought about the question of improving potency. For the sake of achieving such a result have resorted to surgical procedures and pharmacological drugs. However, sexologists, told about the Breakfast of quail eggs, which improves the potency.

Назван рецепт завтрака, улучшающий потенцию

This product contains phosphorus and amino acids, which affect the male power. Eggs increase libido and improve erectile function of the body. Make the product both in raw and roasted form. But sexologists said that the balls should add the pepper, onion and garlic. Thanks to these products will be the increase of male power.

Eggs with pepper will enhance the circulation of blood to improve physical performance and recovery. Due to the presence of capsaicin, the lower blood pressure and stimulate the release of nitric oxide and other vasodilator compounds. Such a Breakfast is recommended to eat every 3 days.

Eggs with onions contain flavonoid antioxidants that benefit heart health. Breakfast with this vegetable helps arteries and veins to expand during blood flow. Onion also has anti-inflammatory properties that improve circulation and heart health by reducing inflammation in the veins and arteries. Recommended for use every 2 days.

Eggs with garlic include the contents of allicin, which increases tissue blood flow and lowering blood pressure by relaxing the blood vessels. The benefits of garlic associated with the presence of flow-mediated vasodilation, which affects male libido.

It is advisable to regularly take a Breakfast like this.

Such a Breakfast will help a man feel 18. However, the doctors noticed that there are a number of products that are not desirable to men and interrupt the effect of this morning meal.

These include:

fast food;
red meat;
semi-finished products.

Also before taking such breakfasts desirable consultation with doctor and medical examination. Self-treatment is not necessary to deal.