Named a way to restart your liver

The lifestyle of many people today is that their liver becomes overwhelmed and exhausted. Experts advise to limit the use of alcohol, to stop Smoking, eat more bitter greens, drink water and control the medication, these measures can help to reboot the liver.

Назван способ перезагрузить печень

Experts recalled that the liver daily purifies the blood and body of toxins, but the wrong way of life weigh down the burden and contributes to the wear and tear of the body increases the risk of its dysfunction.

Those who intend to restart your liver and improve its condition, they recommend limiting intake of alcohol and completely stop Smoking. Booze pulls the resources of the hepatocytes of the liver, which is diligently doing its splitting. Cigarettes increase the level of contamination with toxins. The liver of those who drink and smokes, just not physically able to handle all harmful substances into the body, which increases the risk of inflammation and diseases.

In addition, experts point to the importance of regular meals. In chaotic and disordered nutrition increases the likelihood of biliary dyskinesia, the result of which is the emergence of gall stones. To protect against this violation should be eating more fresh bitter greens in particular, are recommended rucola and watercress. Can also use cabbage, carrots, garlic, zucchini, pumpkin, beets, grapefruits.

One of the most effective techniques to reboot the liver, is to establish regular physical activity. In addition, it should limit the use of painkillers, as these funds have a negative impact on liver function.

Finally, effectively improves cleansing function of the liver drink pure water. It activates sufficient amounts of toxins.