Named a way to strengthen the brain

Experts tell how to activate the brain. The appropriate method will be suitable for all, regardless of age, said the doctor-neurologist Svetlana Nikitina.

Назван способ активизировать работу мозга

According to the expert, to strengthen the memory, fairly regularly to solve mathematical and logical problems. However, in the case of the development of emotions requires a different approach, often because some illnesses have a connection with psychosomatics. Nikitin stressed that many diseases caused by a change of way of thinking, so in some cases the patient it is advisable to pay attention to the work with the psyche, and not to take drugs.

For example, to defeat the pain, you need to first of all learn to relax your body, and also to distinguish the body supplied signals. Often applicable to cancer patients who refuse to “feel” your own body, reports KP.