Named as common causes of ringing in the ears

If you occasionally ringing in ears, it probably irritates you.

Названы распространенные причины звона в ушах

It turns out that 1 out of every 10 people from time to time has trouble with the noise that only he hears. Ringing in the ears may be similar to the distant rumbling or rustling, clicking or thin squeak. In any case, it is not only unpleasant, but not very useful: from such phantom sounds you can head ache, and even to raise the pressure. Why this noise occurs?

The reasons can be several.

The accumulation of sulfur in the ears.
Periodic visits to the places where it is too loud (concerts, noisy production).
Taking certain types of antidepressants.
Vascular disease of the head and neck.
The otitis.
Age-related hearing loss.

If you occasionally noise in the ears, you need to go to the doctor – and perhaps not one, because the causes of tinnitus varied. Note: ringing in the ears can be caused even schizophrenia!

If the doctors did not reveal any disease, we offer you techniques that can reduce the discomfort.

— Expulsion. In that moment, when you feel a ringing in the ears, create around themselves a white noise. For example, turn on the fan, the TV (slightly low sound), washing machine. It is likely that the actual sound of “displace” imaginary. White noise helps the brain to suppress the phantom noise.

— Earplugs. It’s not always a good outlet, but sometimes the earplugs really help eliminate tinnitus.

Antistress. Maybe your nervous system needs rest? Try to use stress management techniques and sleep, and ringing in the ears can pass by itself.

— Music therapy. This therapy can help you relieve the symptoms of phantom noise.