Named as the main accelerator of ageing

Studies show that people who a few years facing economic difficulties, are at risk of accelerated aging compared to those people who do not experience periods of poverty.

Назван самый главный ускоритель старения

Researchers from the Department of public health at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark conducted a series of experiments to establish the relationship between aging and financial difficulties.

For research invited a group of people of 5 thousand people, the age group ranged from 35 to 55 years. In this group, 18 percent of people lived a long time in poverty, the rest of the participants had normal incomes.

The experiment consisted in the fact that the specialists some time analyzed the performance of the mind and physical abilities of these people, writes the edition MedicalNewsToday.

Scientists found that people who are more than 4 years experienced financial difficulties, was weak in physical performance than those who had financial stability. The same applies to mental functions.

Moreover, experts noted the increased level of reactive protein and interleukin 6 and high level of inflammatory markers in the blood, which are connected by a chain with inflammatory diseases and cancer.

Experts attribute the accelerators of aging in people with the fact that in his youth they didn’t have enough money due to the fact that they received education and have been looking for work.

The researchers concluded that the instability in the financial situation — the cause of premature aging, the reason that prolonged stress destroys people.