Named average consumer prices in January 2020

The state statistics service has published data on average consumer prices for goods and services in Ukraine in January 2020.

Названы средние потребительские цены в январе 2020 года

About it reports RBC-Ukraine with reference to state statistics.

According to the statistical Agency, in January prices for buckwheat increased by 2.1% to 28.4 UAH per kg, apples rose by 1.7% to 16.6 UAH per kg, the fat rose by 1.5% to 77,0 UAH per kg.

At the same time, carrot prices fell by 3.9% to 6.2 UAH / kg, cabbage — by 3.6% to 5.8 UAH per kg, for potatoes — by 2.9% to 13.1 UAH per kg.

In addition, eggs fell by 1.9% to 20.7 UAH per dozen.

According gosstata in January cigarette premium rose by 2.0% to 48.4 UAH per pack and the price of vodka decreased by 0.2% to 92.1 UAH per 0.5 liters. Beer has risen since the beginning of the year by 0.3% to 17.2 UAH per bottle.