Named coffee, which is especially useful for men

Experts from Italy analyzed data from approximately 7,000 men.

Назван кофе, который особенно полезен мужчинам

The participants lived in the Italian region of Molise. For volunteers watched an average of 4 years. Scientists evaluated the level of coffee consumption. Also, experts have recorded cases of prostate cancer.

The study showed that men who drank a day three cups of coffee in Italian, or greater, risk of prostate cancer was reduced by 53%. Evidence of antitumor action of Italian coffee have been obtained in laboratory experiments. Experts believe that it in caffeine.

By the way, Professor Masato of Tsutsui from the University of Ruki says: strong coffee should drink all, who wants to have healthy and elastic blood vessels. According to him, coffee has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system of the body, particularly on small blood vessels.