Named diseases that can infect Pets

Rabies, toxoplasmosis, ringworm, dangerous allergic reactions and so on — Pets can cause their owners a lot of health problems. How to make sure that your pet dog is not the cause of your sudden death specialists say.

Названы болезни, которыми человека могут заразить домашние животные

Rabies is an extremely dangerous viral disease that is transmitted from animal to human. It often happens that people get from dogs while walking, attack of wild animals. Today your dog is bitten by a wild hedgehog, and tomorrow will infect you with an incurable disease with a very poor prognosis. Yes, rage, if someone does not know cannot be cured. What should I do? It’s very simple — you need to make your pet a special vaccine.

Source toxoplasmosis is a parasite known as Toxoplasma gondii. It is considered that Contracting toxoplasmosis is possible only from cats, but in fact tract infection many. For example, you can pick up the disease from the dog that was fed raw meat. How to protect yourself from toxoplasmosis? Animal feed high quality feed and clean up after him with gloves on.

From ringworm that your pet can catch from a stray animal, and then infect you, is not easy to defend. The only measure of prevention is to avoid contact with street animals.