Named drink protects against colds

The drink strengthens the child’s body and fights viruses.

In autumn time the child’s body becomes vulnerable to disease. Most at risk are children who want to children. However, lime tea with lemon and honey will help the child avoid the common cold in this room.

Назван напиток, защищающий от простуды

Method of preparing this drink is simple. Is to brew the tea in a special dish. It is advisable not to buy a batch option, because the effect of this drink useless.

Brewing tea is not less than 20 minutes. After pour into a mug and add lemon. One slice is enough. With the reluctance of the child have this product is to squeeze the juice from the lemon.

After the tea is to get honey. The child will determine the number of tablespoons of product. Because it is not desirable to force to eat something like this.

The advantages of this tea to maintain the water in the body. Scientists have proved that hydration helps the body to fight diseases. This happens due to the delivery of nutrients to the organs by the presence of water.

Lime tea will help ease the phlegm and excrete the baby’s mucous congestion. With a daily intake of the drink cleans the body and removes toxins. This affects the small bodies. Also at the unwillingness of the child to drink tea with lemon and honey, allowed to give only this drink.

Honey also has antibacterial action and enhances metabolism. It helps to strengthen the immune system. Also the product is composed of a tonic and absorbable components that, along with the active fight against disease, improve General body tone.

But before you give your child a drink should consult a doctor. Self-treatment is not engaged, because it leads to tragic consequences for life.