Named drinks, get rid of a headache

That will help with migraines.

Many people suffer from migraines. Not always in this case, pills save. Doctors called drink that will help to get rid of a headache.

Названы напитки, избавляющие от головной боли

One of the most common symptoms of an impending migraine attack is indigestion. In this case, can help mint tea. Peppermint oil also reduces the level of pain if you apply it on the forehead.

Doctors advise to drink the broth, which added Cayenne pepper. This drink is to reduce the concentration of substance P responsible for transmitting pain signals to the brain. Pepper has analgesic effect and can help in solving the problem of headache.

During a migraine the digestive system begins to work badly. To help her be able water with lemon due to the content of vitamin C. This water will cleanse the body and “start” the digestive system. It is better to drink water with lemon in the form of heat. You can add honey to improve taste.