Named drinks that help extend the life of

Milk, coffee, juices were included professionals in a list of drinks to help people prolong life.

Названы напитки, которые помогают продлить жизнь

Speaking of milk, doctors have observed that excessive consumption of this product may harm your health, but with a moderate presence of lactose in the diet likely to get problems with the cardiovascular system is reduced by about 15-20 percent.

As for coffee, its regular intake in the amount of not more than two cups a day will improve heart function and acceleration of metabolism.

Orange juice is rich in trace elements and vitamins that protect the body from developing cancer. Experiments scientists have shown that orange juice the body better absorb carotenoids better than orange fruits. Pigments-carotenoids called “longevity vitamins”: they are consumption protects against the development of lung cancer, and in combination with a high content of vitamin C and flavonoids in orange juice are effective in reducing the likelihood of cardiovascular diseases.

Also life extension can contribute to cherry juice. This drink is filled with iron and magnesium – the main “female” mineral. Its regular use normalizes hemoglobin, effectively treats urinary tract infections. Also found that cherry juice has anti-cancer activity, reducing the risk of developing many types of cancer.