Named easy way to clean blood

Cleaning of blood and lymph allows you to maintain it in great shape.

Назван простой способ очистки крови

The work of separate organs, systems and whole organism depends on the quality of our blood and lymph, the condition of the entire cardiovascular system in General.

We offer you a simple Tibetan recipe for cleansing the blood and lymph garlic.

Tibetan recipe for cleansing the blood and lymph garlic: 350 grams of garlic crushed, pour 200 ml of alcohol, put the mixture into a bottle of dark glass, cork tightly, wrap in dark paper and leave for 10 days at room temperature. Then the resulting mass squeeze through cheesecloth. The resulting thick juice is left for another 2 days. To take drop by drop, stirring with boiled cooled milk.

Regimen: day one – Breakfast 1 drop garlic alcohol drip in 50 ml of milk, lunch – 2 drops, dinner – 3 drops.

Second day: Breakfast – 4 drops, and on this principle to increase the intake drop by drop, until the number of drops for Breakfast will not reach 15.

Then begin to move in the opposite direction, while the reception will not come up to the original dose, i.e. up to 1 drop.

We continue to take 15 drops in 50 grams of milk until the mixture is finished.