Named effects of excess vitamin C

Swedish researchers from Karolinska University have warned that self-medicating with vitamins is extremely risky.

Названы последствия переизбытка витамина С

About the benefits of vitamin C known even to schoolchildren, but as you were able to see scientists in Sweden, take it at your own discretion “to prevent and strengthen the immune system” can be very dangerous. In particular, it was found that vitamin C can be bad to act on the kidneys.

A major project of the Swedes allowed the researchers to conclude that people are constantly receiving “askorbinku”, increased risk of kidney disease.

“Reception of high doses of vitamin C doubles risk of kidney stones” was the opinion of scientists from Karolinska University.

For 11 years, they conducted surveillance of changes in health at 23 355 men who to the beginning of the experiment did not suffer from kidney disease. During this period, 436 people received the diagnosis of “kidney stones” (nephrolithiasis). The researchers analyzed features of their way of life and established a link between kidney problems and vitamins.

“If the volunteers daily consumed vitamin C in the dietary Supplement (1000 mg), the risk of nephrolithiasis was significantly higher than those who took no supplements,” he told the doctors about this correlation.