Named five healthy properties of pumpkin seeds

Better control of blood sugar, prevention of prostate disease, arthritis. Pumpkin seeds have a number of useful properties, which make them be sure to enter in your regular diet.

Названы пять полезных для здоровья свойств тыквенных семечек

Doctors told the media about the most beneficial qualities of pumpkin seeds. The experts said that the pumpkin seeds were particularly useful for diabetics – their use improves the mechanisms of glucose control and, consequently, of insulin in the body. These seeds contain large amounts of magnesium, deficiency of which is associated with insulin resistance, the cause of diabetes. With increasing use of magnesium daily to 100 mg risk of developing diabetes of the 2nd type decreases by about 15%.

Men pumpkin seeds are useful for maintaining prostate health: this quality of sunflower seeds has high content of zinc in the composition. As rich sources of zinc, pumpkin seeds also help to preserve fertility.

In addition, the use of pumpkin seeds is the prevention of arthritis and helps relieve pain in this disease of the joints. This useful property are obliged seeds contained in these fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6.

If you are constantly drawn to sweet, use pumpkin seeds to cope with this problem. As mentioned above, these seeds lots of zinc, which acts as a “switch” depending on the sweet. In addition, pumpkin seeds contain iron, helping to keep energy levels high and protect against the increased appetite in General. So pumpkin seeds are very useful to maintain the figure and weight loss.

Pumpkin seeds are also necessary for those who are suffering from emotional depression, and depression. Amino acids that are present in them, contribute to the production of hormones involved in the regulation of behavior, improve the quality of sleep and mood.