Named for the dimensions of the new salaries of top officials

The government will change the principle of remuneration and establish a grid of salariesfor top officials. This was announced by the people’s Deputy Alexey Goncharenko, citing a paper presented at the meeting of the Cabinet.

Названы размеры новых зарплат топовых чиновников

According to him, establishes a new minimum amount of salary to two minimum subsistence level (as of 1 January – 4204 UAH). The salaries shall be approved in UAH and not in the coefficients, as it was in 2019.

The salaries proposed for approval in UAH and not in the coefficients, as it was in 2019. For example, the head of the state body (the Verkhovna Rada, the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers, Office of the President of Ukraine, units (secretariats) of the national security Council and defense of Ukraine, the audit chamber, the constitutional court, the attorney General’s Office , the National Council of Ukraine on television and radio broadcasting) will have a salary level 37 800 UAH, and the level of the ministries and Central bodies of the Executive power – 33 600 UAH, “added Goncharenko.

The changes will also apply the principles of payment of premiums for civil servants. The Cabinet proposes to pay the premium to the first Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine, Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine, Ministers and their first deputies and deputies.

  • premium efficiency, which is installed monthly the first Vice-Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Ministers, Ministers, the Prime Minister of Ukraine, first Deputy Ministers – Minister in the amount of 200% of salary;
  • the award, which is selected by the Deputy Ministers (except for the first alternate) in accordance with their personal contribution to the overall performance up to 200% of salary.

The salary of a civil servant depends on the work place – for example, in the Office of the President, the Verkhovna Rada, the Secretariat of the Cabinet pay more than the officials already level in ministries and other government bodies. In particular, the head of the Department or the chief of the control service has the salary from 15 900 to 20 700 hryvnia.

As has informed earlier “Today”, Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk said that civil servants of all levels should get a decent salary, so they will not be tempted to misuse his official position. According to him, many years in Ukraine, officials formally received a few thousand hryvnia, and in the shadow schemes used to steal tens and hundreds of millions of dollars or receive salaries in envelopes. “They didn’t need a high wage because they’re officially priedniece, behind the scenes, Rob the country and people. Ukrainians simply lied. We stopped vicious practice of shadow schemes and kickbacks in government, “wrote Goncharuk.