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Daily consumption of almonds helps to reduce wrinkles.

Назван избавляющий от морщин продукт

Scientists from the University of California at Davis with the help of imaging techniques with high resolution have proved that daily consumption of almonds helps to reduce wrinkles. The experiment was conducted with the involvement of women in postmenopause. The study was funded by the Almond Board of California to examine the effect of almonds on skin health. A clinical trial was conducted 16 weeks, which was attended by 28 members of the fairer sex.

Women were selected from the first and second skin type according to the classification of Fitzpatrick, more precisely, characterized by increased influence of sun exposure. Ladies as snacks from one group ate almonds in the amount of 20% of calorie daily diet, an average of 340 calories per day from other volunteers female was content in energy bars, cereals.

In turn, changes in skin condition were conducted after 4, 8, 12 and 16 weeks. During each visit, age-related changes were assessed using high-resolution renderings, modeling, and measurement in 3D. At the end of the experiment the analysis showed a statistically significant reduction of wrinkles in women of the first group. More precisely, the width was reduced by 10%, the severity by 9%.

Known nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert commented on the results: “This study, the first of its kind, as for nuts, stresses the benefits of eating almonds from the reduction of wrinkles. Long been considered that the nut can have a positive effect on the skin, but the method of high resolution imaging has shown real results. In addition, the product contains zinc, Niacin, and Riboflavin – all nutrients important for the body. One serving is equivalent to 28 grams or 23 units”.