Named indicators of the impact of coronavirus on the economy

Indicators by which to assess the impact of coronavirus on the economy, is the state of the hotel sector and the theatre industry, retail sales, box office in theaters as well as consumer confidence.

Названы индикаторы влияния коронавируса на экономику

About this UKRINFORM reports with reference to Bloomberg.

“Key performance indicators often have a backlog in a month. To make a timely assessment contained five indicators, which are very likely to point to how consumers react to the crisis”, — stated in the message.

Among these indicators Bloomberg calls the hotel sector, retail sales, box-office takings at cinemas, theater industry and consumer confidence.

So, according to the hospitality sector, Bloomberg cites data from research company STR, according to which in the first week of March, the occupancy of hotels in the U.S. fell to 61.8%, which is 5% less than the same period last year.

Regarding retail sales, Bloomberg cites research Johnson Redbook, which showed that on the fore selling mostly commodities, medicines, detergents, household goods, food and water in bottles.

For example, the American cinema chain AMC Theatres, Bloomberg also shows that box-office takings in cinemas of coronavirus has halved, and the transfer film premiere.

The fourth indicator — theater industry, Bloomberg indicates that in new York in the first week of March, the number of spectators in theatres decreased by 6.5%.

And finally, the last indicator of consumer confidence — based on Bloomberg data shows in the U.S. the longest period of decline in 2015, and he is declining for the sixth straight week. Most consumer behaviour is affected by the fall in stock markets.