Named mortal danger testers, cosmetics

They contain huge amount of bacteria.

American scientists have found in testers of cosmetics herpes viruses, Staphylococcus and even carriers of sexually transmitted diseases.

Названа смертельная опасность тестеров косметики

Video of the experiment posted on its YouTube channel WCNC TV Charlotte.

During the study of cosmetics stores took samples of the probes available to all visitors. Afterwards the samples were placed in test tubes with a nutrient medium. Five days later they were transferred to the infectious disease specialist.

As found by the doctor of the medical center Piedmont Arash Poursina, the testers are contained Staphylococcus, which are extremely dangerous to humans, and Escherichia coli. The researchers also found herpes, which, as you know, when enters the body remains there forever. Especially a lot of nasty bacteria contained in eye shadow and lipstick.

“In the universal use of cosmetics can even pick up a sexually transmitted disease,” – said the expert.

According to him, even using clean cotton pads are not safe from diseases, and called for the abandonment of the public use samples.