Named nut, reducing blood pressure

Cashew was very healthy. Miracle nut lowers blood pressure and helps circulation.

Cashews are not only able to quickly satisfy hunger, but also to recover many processes in the human body, which is especially important after 40 years.

Назван орех, снижающий артериальное давление

Experts in the field of cardiology, believe that daily consumption of nuts reduces the risks of developing hypertension, stroke and coronary heart disease, and a high content of vitamins and minerals able to enhance the vascular permeability and reduce the pressure.

Due to the high content of magnesium and potassium, the vessels are protected from the sharp contraction, which is the direct provocateur of high blood pressure and headaches.

Phosphorus and iron, working in duet, not only improve blood circulation throughout the body, but also saturate the cells with oxygen and essential nutrition.

Fatty acids in cashews, are responsible for the control of cholesterol. At high performance they are able to eliminate plaque, thereby protecting the body from the formation of dangerous blood clots — blood clots.

With a wide vitamin content, which includes groups such as b, E, H, K, nuts is able to strengthen the overall immune system. It helps to improve the body’s resistance not only to viruses but also to other diseases, including problems with the cardiovascular system.

Experts also recommended to increase daily intake of cashew nuts to 40 grams. But it is important to understand that it should not contain flavor additives in the form of salt and spices, as they prevent the reduction of blood pressure and have the opposite effect.