Named one of the most beneficial fruits for the heart

Doctors have discovered a new useful feature mango.

Назван один из самых полезных фруктов для сердца

Doctors often act as defenders of the food, encouraging to eat possessing medicinal properties.

The results of recent studies are very encouraging. Experts from the Association for the cultivation at the research Institute Agarkar found the prebiotic properties of 12 varieties of mango. The presence of carbohydrates and phenolic compounds in fruit known for its calorie content and beta-carotene gives antioxidant effect. Vitamin E and selenium contained in the fruit mango, support good functioning of the heart.

It is known that prebiotics help to absorb nutrients in the body, stimulate the growth and activity of bacteria of the digestive system. The components included in the composition of the prebiotic foods that are good for cancer patients, cores and diabetics. It turns out the prebiotic properties of mango give physicians new opportunities for the use of the fruit.

Dr. Smith Elegance and Vaishali AGTE have already presented their research at the sixth Symposium of the Nutra India Summit. The opening received more than one award and approval of the representatives of the food industry.