Named one of the most useful products for the nervous system

Seven reasons to immediately include in the diet of natural yoghurt.

Назван один из самых полезных продуктов для нервной системы

A few years ago, natural Greek yogurt is rarely found on the shelves of supermarkets. Today, this product can be purchased at almost any store.

Fans of healthy eating have long paid attention to this yogurt.

Greek yogurt has a delicate flavor — it literally melts in your mouth. This product is not the end: it is useful and strengthens the immune system. And Greek yogurt can be supplemented with a handful of berries or slices of fruit, making it even tastier and healthier.

Experts told about the seven natural beneficial properties of Greek yogurt that will convince you to add this product to your daily diet.

Amazing taste

Greek yogurt is delicious. It has a delicate flavor and literally melts in your mouth. To remain indifferent to this product is simply impossible. That is why, once you taste Greek yogurt, you be sure to include it in your diet on a regular basis.

To make Greek yogurt even more delicious, add it to the additional ingredients.

Greek yogurt goes well with fresh berries or fruit, nuts or homemade granola, candied fruits or dried fruits, honey or agave syrup. You can also add yogurt a little cinnamon or ground nutmeg. Exquisite taste is guaranteed!

Low-fat and sugar

Greek yogurt is one of the most useful products, which can be found on the shelves of almost all modern supermarkets. It is rich ingredients: vitamins A and C, calcium, iron. However, the most devoted fans of the product love it more for the fact that Greek yogurt contains low fat and sugar, making it not just tasty but also very useful product.

With Greek yogurt is perfect to start your day. Such Breakfast will cheer up and give cheerfulness. Low amount of sugar will not cause a spike in insulin and then hunger you will feel soon. Greek yogurt will also be an excellent snack during the day or energy source prior to exercise.

Does not harm the figure

Greek yogurt like nutritionists. Despite the big percentage of fat, so there is not too many calories. Greek yogurt does not harm the figure, because its composition includes saturated fats. In the body, they are converted into energy and not deposited at the waist and hips.

If you are watching calories, choose Greek yogurt with a lower percentage of fat. This yogurt can be eaten every day: it doesn’t harm the figure and supplies the body with beneficial nutrients.

How cool is that to maintain your shape without hard constraints, while maintaining the diet of delicious foods! That is why Greek yogurt can often be found in the grocery basket dieters and athletes.

Delivers protein

The athletes drew attention to the Greek yogurt, not only because of the dietary properties of this product. Natural Greek yoghurt is a known source of high quality protein: it contains up to 20 grams of this valuable substance.

Greek yogurt contains more protein than other yogurts.

Protein — building blocks for the human body. He takes part in all key processes of life and is involved in the construction and growth of new cells. The shortage of protein in the body inhibits the formation of muscle, so athletes are trying to add to your diet with this nutrient.


Surprising fact: Greek yogurt is uplifting and soothes the nervous system. All the matter in the high content of b vitamins in its composition.

Scientific studies have shown that substances, which are part of the Greek yogurt helps the body to fight the bad mood, chronic fatigue and the first symptoms of depression. If you feel that the mood is losing ground, be sure to include in your diet Greek yogurt. And in order to regain the optimism and positivity in the shortest possible time, combine Greek yogurt with a banana, which contains the “pleasure hormone” serotonin.

Convenient for snacking

Modern man lives an active life: work, study, workout, meet friends. With this routine it is difficult to establish a proper diet, especially to take care of healthy snacking. Often is useful snacks people on the go eating fast food, biscuits, chocolate bars and other products that are hardly safe for health.

Greek yogurt — great snack that can fit all of the standards of healthy eating. First, because of their high protein content, it energizes and satisfies your hunger. Secondly, it contains a minimum of sugar, this means that this snack will not harm your body.

Drinkable Greek yogurt — the perfect snack during the day.

Another obvious advantage of Greek yogurt as a snack — a convenient format. Drinking yogurt is the most convenient for a snack, because you do not need additional devices and this yogurt can be consumed in a traffic jam, queue, or in the Park. Let circumstances will not be a hindrance for a proper snack!
Replace high-calorie sauces

Often salad seasoned high-calorie sauces based on mayonnaise, sour cream or even cream. These sauces only spoil the nutritional value of salad that you cut for yourself and home.

Greek yogurt can be combined with various additional ingredients will make your salad even tastier. For example, it is possible to mix with fresh chopped greens, herbs and spices. Get a delicious, but healthy and low-calorie dressing that makes salads, vegetables, meat, poultry, seafood, beans and other ingredients. Delicious doesn’t mean calorie or dangerous for the figure!