Named product for cancer prevention

About the benefits of pomegranate to prevent cancer, heart and autoimmune diseases, said the specialist nutritionist Antonina Starodubova.

Назван продукт, необходимый для профилактики рака

— This incredibly healthy fruit has anti-inflammatory, diuretic, astringent and antiseptic properties, — the doctor noted.

Pomegranate contains almost all the vitamins: A, C, PP, E, vitamins of group B. it also contains organic acids (citric, malic, tartaric, boric, succinic, oxalic) and minerals (calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, iron).

— Regular consumption of pomegranate juice helps to prevent cancer, heart and autoimmune diseases. Garnet is best consumed fresh, can be eaten alone or added to salads, vegetable dishes, meat and poultry, — the doctor added.

In ancient times, the pomegranate was called “the cure for one hundred diseases”. Its juice increases hemoglobin, aiding in the fight against anemia. The bark and fruit have astringent properties, so they are effective for diarrhea, colitis, enterocolitis. Grains lower arterial pressure, and membrane from the fruit, dried and added to tea, soothe the nervous system and improving sleep.

A decoction of the bark of pomegranate helps in various inflammatory diseases, a powder of the dried bark can heal cracks, burns and scratches.

You need to remember that pomegranate peel contains alkaloids, so to exceed the dosage in the treatment of decoctions is not allowed. The juice can erode tooth enamel, so you should rinse your mouth. Gastritis juice pomegranate is contraindicated.