Named products can ruin sex life

Daily use of these products gives impetus to the development of hormonal disorders in the body.

Названы продукты, способные испортить интимную жизнь

The abuse of certain products negatively affects the production of hormones in the body and as a consequence the sexual life. Scientists have presented the “black list” of the food, which significantly reduces the level of libido.

Presents the opinion of experts about what cheeses from cow’s milk can contain antibiotics and growth hormones, so their frequent use can affect hormonal balance. In addition, sexual activity is hampered by the habit of drinking a lot of coffee. This drink is harmful to the adrenal glands, and their unstable work negatively affects the reproductive system, explained the experts.

It is also dangerous in this respect, excessive intake of foods which include artificial sweeteners and monosodium glutamate. The presence of such products in the daily diet, according to doctors, provokes the development of depression and sexual dysfunction.

In addition, do not need to constantly eat tinned food, which almost always contains a large amount of salt. The abuse affects the pressure and the mechanisms of blood flow to the genitals, warned the doctors.

Was included in the list of harmful for the sex life of food also fried potatoes, chips and poor quality vegetable oil. Daily use of these products gives impetus to the development of oxidative processes and hormonal imbalance in the body, said the scientists.