Named products that affect life expectancy

The doctor reported that a number of foods help to prevent disease due to the content of the high level of antioxidants. Thus, these products prolong the life.

Названы продукты, влияющие на продолжительность жизни

Mukhin said that antioxidants protect cells from the destructive actions of free radicals. In body cells there is always some amount of free radicals — molecules with a free electron, which has an enhanced ability to interact with other molecules.

These particles necessary for the implementation of the normal processes of respiration, metabolism, destruction of foreign bacteria. However, with increase in their concentration in the body cells undergo oxidation, which is detrimental to them, causing the development of inflammation, cancer.

The leader in terms of antioxidants, protecting from free radicals is green tea, noted nutritionist. According to Mukhina, tea should be drunk daily.

Also, the doctor recommends eating dates. They contain a rich set of essential amino acids including extremely important for the nervous system tryptophan. In addition, dates are glutamic and nicotinic acid, by which is supported a healthy digestive tract and repair damaged cells.

In addition, the doctor advises to use sea buckthorn – it provides the body with retinol, necessary for good skin condition and eye health.

In addition to green tea, dates and sea buckthorn in the list contribute to long product life the doctor also made fermented milk products, blueberries and tomatoes.