Named products that increase the life expectancy

Experts in the field of healthy nutrition of the United States recommended to include in your diet healthy foods that increase life expectancy. The list of such products was published in specialized journals.

Названы продукты, повышающие продолжительность жизни

Want to live long — eat foods with a high content of vegetable proteins and fiber. This, in particular, all kinds of beans. Dietitian Suzanne Dixon says in the weekly diet of a healthy person should be at least five servings of legumes.

“The legumes not only help stabilize blood sugar levels but also normalize the intestinal microflora. Relies on all key body systems — the immune system, the level of inflammatory reactions, metabolic system, and so forth,” — said Dixon.

No less important for health and longevity products — fatty fish (source of omega-3-unsaturated fatty acids), eggs (a valuable protein and some essential amino acids), whole grains (needed to maintain blood sugar and cholesterol), avocados (these fruits contain some very useful minerals and vitamins), mushrooms (help to support the immune system and bone health), dairy products (need for a healthy intestinal microbiome) and cabbage and greens, fruits and cocoa. Nutritionists add that people who pay attention to your diet, you need to follow diversity.