Named products which darken the teeth

Acidic drinks can cause problems for your teeth

Названы продукты, от которых темнеют зубы

Each of us wants his smile was shining white, but some of the most common foods can be an obstacle on the path to perfection, causing a darkening of the teeth. But before you call out the most dangerous products, we would like to clarify, what is pigmentation of the teeth.

Why do teeth change color?

Human teeth can darken due to external contamination or changes in the internal structure. There are three types of pigmentation: external, internal, and associated with age-related changes.

External pigmentation caused by stains on the enamel. The reason could be coffee, wine, soda and other foods and also Smoking.

Internal pigmentation is caused when the inner tissue of the tooth (the dentin) darkens or becomes yellow. This can happen for a variety of reasons unrelated to food.

Well and pigmentation associated with aging – the name speaks for itself. It is a combination of internal and external pigmentation. Enamel thins with age, thereby beginning to Shine through the dentin.

In this article we want to pay attention to the foods that cause external pigmentation.

Acidic and citrus foods

Acidic and citrus foods destroy the enamel, and through her begins to Shine through the dentin – yellowish tissue composed of calcium compounds and phosphates.


To the chagrin of those who like coffee, this drink contains tannin that causes darkening of teeth. Coffee also contains acid and pH balance in the mouth. This means that other acidic foods will destroy your teeth faster.

According to research conducted by Colgate, the darker the tea, the brighter will be the stains on your teeth. Herbal and bright tea can also contribute to wear of the enamel and may cause darkening of the teeth.

Sweets can change the color of your tongue and so your teeth. But they don’t do you much harm unless you abuse them.

Curry and tomato sauce

These products are pleasant to the taste, but they can cause darkening of teeth. It is not only bright color but also in the fact that they contain acid. Try to give preference to lighter or creamy sauces. If I had to try a curry, preferably soon, rinse your mouth and brush your teeth.

Sports and energy drinks

Provoke the destruction of the enamel, making teeth more sensitive to other contaminants. Citric acid contained in these drinks not only serves as a preservative, but also erodes tooth enamel.


Acid and tannins contained in red wine, are the main culprits for the appearance of contamination. And if you believe that white wine is safer than red, it is very wrong – it destroys the enamel, the acid will not go away.


Dark components in the composition of soda leave surface stains on the teeth. Prolonged use enamel can accumulate these substances, causing the appearance of brown or yellow tint. And again the reason of problems and acid dyes.

What should I do?

Now you know what foods can cause darkening of your teeth. But don’t panic and forever erase them from the diet, but to reduce their consumption would be nice. Drink beverages through a straw and don’t hold the product in your mouth for a long time, before he has a chance to cause significant damage. After eating as soon as possible to rinse your mouth and brush your teeth, and then will be able to partially prevent unwanted darkening.