Named products, which in 2020 will increase several times

Over the next 10 months in the Ukraine of food products, will grow potatoes and apples.

Названы продукты, которые в 2020 году подорожают в несколько раз

This was stated by the Chairman of the Union of the Ukrainian peasantry, Ivan Tomic, reports UNN.

“In particular potatoes, compared to the same period last year will grow threefold. It — a ten-month term,” — said the expert.

Also the Ukrainians should expect an increase in the cost of bread by about 20-25%, said Tomic.

Adjustments to the growth rates of this important product can be but small,he said.

In the country more expensive pork, he said.

So, a popular sort of meat added to the price from 10% to 20% by the end of 2020.It is noteworthy that today the cost of pork in Ukraine and so is one of the highest compared to the prices established for this product in EU countries. But the salaries and pensions in our country less.

According to Tomic, the consumption of pork Ukrainians steadily declining due to the high prices of this product.

“Today, the average level of pork consumption in the country is 2 times lower than the biological norm, recommended by doctors,” said Tomic.

In Ukraine are very high prices, not only for pork, but most of the food basket.

This situation with the prices for food is forcing people to Ukraineukraine almost the entire range of necessary consumption products, the expert said.