Named products, win pneumonia

Treatment of pneumonia or pneumonia, should only be practiced by doctors. However patients you can include in your diet foods that can speed recovery.

Названы продукты, побеждающие воспаление легких

Whole-grain cereals. They contain a mineral called selenium, which is why products made from whole grains strengthen the immune system. From the strength of immunity depends on the duration of the disease.

Leafy, green vegetables. Such vegetables as spinach, lettuce or Brussels sprouts contain nutrients that help to quickly get rid of diseases of the respiratory system.

Oranges. Full of vitamin C, thereby strengthen the protective system of our body. Be sure to eat oranges for diseases like pneumonia.

Yogurt. This product contains a significant amount of probiotics. And they inhibit the growth of pathogens that cause pneumonia.

Med. Contains antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, honey relieves the symptoms of pneumonia.