Named products, with which you can withdraw nicotine from the body

In order to quit Smoking, we have to collect all his will into a fist. However, in the case of getting rid of this bad habit, we will help some products.

Названы продукты, с помощью которых можно вывести никотин из организма

Nicotine is an alkaloid, which causes serious side effects. This substance causes addiction and serious health consequences for not only the smoker. Those who are close can also develop the associated disease.

Nicotine, contained in tobacco, is as addictive as alcohol, cocaine, and morphine. Do not forget about this important fact.

Smoker is very hard to abandon this habit. Because the body and brain get used to the scary effects of the activator and, upon detection of its deficiency exhibit the symptoms of classic withdrawal syndrome: anxiety, irritability, anxiety…

No matter whether you smoke yourself or in your environment there are such people, you should know that nicotine has a negative effect on your body, and this jeopardizes your health. You must take decisive action to fight for their quality of life and not allow the Smoking to kill yourself.

Here we will explain what foods will help flush toxins from the body in consequence of exposure to nicotine. However, the first thing we should do is, of course, completely give up cigarettes.

Then, to restore the lungs and to remove all toxic substances from the body, should reconsider the style of food.
What are the effects of nicotine on our body

When we think about the consequences of Smoking, the first thing that comes to everyone mind is lung cancer.

However, nicotine is the cause of many ailments that have no apparent symptoms. We often don’t pay attention to them and don’t take steps to heal.

The development of cancer — that is what awaits, only a fraction of smokers (and not non-smokers) in the long term.

A more real threat, in fact, are the consequences that occur in almost 100% of tobacco users:

The increase in heart rate.
When nicotine enters the brain, it affects neurotransmitters such as dopamine. We feel more relaxed, however, this feeling does not last long.

This leads to the fact that after an hour or two, we feel the need for a new dose. And produced this relationship.

Nicotine alters our metabolism.
This alkaloid has an effect on our digestive system. It slows down gastric emptying.
In addition, nicotine shifts the Ph balance of the body in the direction of acidity and inhibits the function of the pancreas.
The mucous membrane of the stomach was also affected and irritated.
The constant use of nicotine can stimulate the secretion of acid in the stomach.

Products that remove nicotine from body

If you are a smoker and finally decided to quit Smoking in the first place, you should take care of diet to remove toxic substances that have accumulated in your body.

It is also worth remembering that cigarettes with low tar or nicotine patches are also not good for health. They can help you to gradually give up tobacco, but if you use them too long, they can be as dangerous as the Smoking.

Best of all, having collected will in a fist to control the triggers that make us reach for a cigarette and to resist the pernicious desire. Life without Smoking is synonymous with health, you must always remember about it.

Next, we will tell you what foods will help in removing the last traces of nicotine out of your body.
1. Natural juices of orange, pomegranate and lemon

Vitamin C in its pure form is necessary for our health. This natural compound is especially useful for those who quit Smoking. Vitamin C helps to repair damaged tissue, improves blood circulation, eliminates toxins and increases the number of red blood cells.

Drink every morning freshly squeezed orange juice mixed with the juice of half a lemon and half a pomegranate. To do this, mix all the ingredients in a blender and drink the resulting smoothie on an empty stomach. Add some honey if you like more sweet taste.
2. Broccoli

Broccoli is a vegetable belonging to the family Cruciferae. They are all very effective in the removal of toxins and metals from our body.

Broccoli helps to prevent cancer, and important for us primarily as one of the best sources of vitamin C and B5.
3. Ginger

Be sure to add in a meal of fresh ginger. It is enough to add only 2 grams of grated root in salads.

This plant is one of those that is most often recommended to quit Smoking and heal your body from toxins, which include nicotine.
4. Carrot juice

People who quit Smoking, should drink plenty of fluids. You need to “flush” the body from all harmful substances that have been accumulated for such a long time.

Carrot juice is rich in vitamins A, b, C, and K, which help to push the nicotine .
5. Raspberry

The Spanish society for the study of tobacco dependence (SEDET) has published very interesting data.

Institute of medical Sciences (ICSA), State University of Hidalgo in Mexico (UAEH) has conducted studies which showed that raspberry helps to fight tobacco addiction.

In addition, it was found that raspberries contain a large amount of ellagic acid. This substance helps to clear nicotine and other harmful compounds from the body.
6. Spinach

Eat spinach raw. Not worth it to fry or cook, so he will lose much of their vitamins and folic acid, necessary for cleansing the body from nicotine.

7. Pepper

Like spinach, peppers are best eaten raw. Just cut it into slices and add to the salad.

Pepper is rich in vitamins C, B2 and B6, is necessary for the recovery of the body from the negative effects of Smoking.