Named responsible for a surcharge 300% surcharge physicians

The Minister of health of Ukraine Maxim Stepanov assured health workers that all they will receive an additional payment of 300% in the near future.

Названы ответственные за доплату 300% надбавки медикам

The head of the Ministry of health said at a press briefing on may 6, according to Wave.

“The wages of 300% in April, invested in the rate COVID. This new tariff, there is a four pack. First for our hospitals, the second for emergency medical care, and the third for our mobile teams that go the patient to do analysis of PCR testing. And fourth pack — for those hospitals that were not included in the list of hospitals of the first wave, but had patients with coronavirus during the month of April, treated them assisted”, — said Maxim Stepanov.

The Minister stressed that the funds for payment to physicians listed in the all region full. Local officials will report about payments to the government until the end of this week.

“You got it (the co – ed.) soon, we promise. Under the personal responsibility of all without exception leaders in the field. Because the funds are fully listed. The task before the end of the day Friday to report for each hospital, for each employee,” summed up Maksym Stepanov.