Named substance from which men and Teens growing Breasts


Названо вещество, от которого у мужчин и подростков растет грудь

In the US scientists from the National Institute of Sciences about the state of the environment (National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences — NIEHS) concluded that lavender essential oil included in many cosmetic products, which can start the processes leading to abnormal growth of Breasts in men and adolescent girls. This is stated in an article published recently in the online EurekAlert!

The authors note that note that reports of prepubertal gynecomastia caused by the oils of lavender, spoke of science before.

In the new study, the researchers observed the patients — the children of prepubertal age (7 to 12 years) and the boy who gave cosmetic products containing lavender.

Have observed students in the end, the experts recorded premature hair growth and a marked increase in mammary glands. When teenagers stopped using cosmetic products with lavender, unwanted symptoms disappeared.

“Some components of lavender essential oil mimic estrogen and block testosterone, there may be the cause of gynecomastia. They provoke abnormal growth of the mammary gland not only in adolescents in the prepubertal age, but also lead to an increase in breast tissue in adult men,” stated the authors of the project.

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