Named the 5 causes of breast cancer

Heredity, excessive tanning, Smoking made by doctors in the list of causes that trigger the occurrence of breast cancer. About these factors, said experts.

Названы 5 причин возникновения рака груди

The doctors said, what reasons can start the development of breast cancer. Among the major they have identified five:

  • hormonal drugs,
  • Smoking,
  • alcohol abuse,
  • direct sunlight
  • the Solarium,
  • genetic predisposition.

The doctor Yuri Shalagin noted that one of the most dangerous factors that determine a propensity to breast cancer is heredity. According to the doctor, in the presence of “family history” of breast cancer “need to be checked more often.”

Scientists have recommended that all women over the age of 30 regularly attend mammologist.

“Mammography examination must be held every two years starting at the age of 40 and annually at age 50” — that is their recommendation.

The doctors stressed the importance of cancer detection at the first stage. In this case, the probability to recover the maximum, stated they.