Named the 5 most common types of mental disorders

Many doctors agree that mental disorders can be divided into common and uncommon. They distinguish among common eating disorders, and self-control, anxiety, psychosis.

Названы 5 самых распространенных типов психических расстройств

An eating disorder. Some experts attribute it to mental disorders, pointing to the psychological setting, forming a certain attitude to food. Bulimia nervosa, in which there is abuse of food and lose the ability to stop in time, as well as anorexia nervosa, in which there is refusal of food, are the most common types of eating disorders. Most often with the eating disorders experienced by women, particularly adolescents and young.

Personality disorder.
Their symptoms become non-standard personality traits that typically cause problems in everyday life and work or study. People with personality disorders distinguish special patterns of thinking and behavior. In our days more and more common personality disorder become obsessive-compulsive, in which a person begins to follow certain rituals and to show the stereotypical (poteralsa) behavior. Other types of personality disorders — paranoid and anti-social.

Uncontrolled anxiety really interferes in everyday life. In addition to fear, people with anxiety disorders, there are also physical symptoms: sweating, palpitations, nausea. In severe cases, anxiety can take the form of phobias, panic attacks. In addition, elevated levels of anxiety can be a symptom of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), disorders that occur after the events that caused psycho – emotional distress.

Disorders with impulse control.
In this disease the atrophied ability to resist the impulse to perform acts that could be harmful or dangerous. Striking examples of this type of mental disorders – kleptomania, Pyromania.

Psychosis. The most known type of psychotic disorder is schizophrenia. In the circumstances of psychosis distorts the brain’s perception of reality that affects the way of thinking. The state of acute psychosis associated with hallucinations.