Named the best country in Europe in terms of housing

Named the best country in Europe in terms of housing provision is Romania (with 95.9% of residents have owned homes), Slovakia (91.2 per cent) and Croatia (90,2 per cent).

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Названы лучшие страны Европы по уровню обеспеченности жильем

Though not always people in these countries live in a spacious house. The same Romania ranks first in “close quarters” — 47 percent of local residents do not have enough proper amount of living space. In second place is Bulgaria — 44%. Next in the ranking are Latvia (42 per cent) and Croatia (41%). Less often the problem faced by the citizens of Ireland (only one percent of the housing is not overcrowded) and Cyprus (two percent).

Germany topped the list of countries where the fewest citizens have private housing such 45% of the population (in the age group under 54 years). Next are Denmark (57.6%), Austria (62.1%) and France (63.8%).

In this situation, the Berlin government has frozen the cost of rental housing. Middle-class families began to leave the Central districts due to the ever increasing prices of hiring premises. Especially notable is the outflow of population became after the renovation of certain areas of the city that led to the rise in property prices.